Casey Ladymon

Co-founder, Executive Vice President and Director

As Executive Vice President and Director of Texas Energy Holdings, Mr. Ladymon is responsible for the strategic development and execution of all operational aspects of the company.  In addition, he oversees the drilling, completion, and operational progress of the entire oil & gas portfolio.  He leads and manages business relationships with key stakeholders including operators, governmental and regulatory agencies.

As an experienced oil and gas industry professional, Mr. Ladymon takes an active role in acquisitions, due diligence, engineering evaluations.  He directs the company’s activities with regard to Risk Management to mitigate potential liability exposure with effective operational management and insurance strategies.  He also ensures compliance with regard to the company’s performance expectations by negotiating up-stream and mid-stream marketing contracts to reduce costs, maximize profits, improve investment returns, and improve the qualitative aspects of the company.

Prior to founding Texas Energy Holdings, Inc., Mr. Ladymon was a Senior Client Advisor at Mid-Continent Oil & Gas, Inc.

He attended the University of North Texas and majored in Applied Arts and Sciences.  He was President of the Sigma Nu Fraternity at the University.  He is currently a member of the Dallas Petroleum Club, The Alliance of Energy Producers, and the Texas Oil and Gas Association. He is actively involved in
these non-profit organizations and associations.
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