Chad Willis

Co-founder, President and Director

As President and Director of Texas Energy Holdings, Inc., Mr. Willis leads the strategic development of the company’s oil & gas portfolio, and is responsible for the selection, negotiation, well operation, evaluation and field operational management of oil and gas drilling prospects.  Mr. Willis also manages acquisitions as well as institutional and strategic investor relations.  With a focus on conservative operations and a proven investment strategy, Mr. Willis has helped Texas Energy Holdings consistently surpass internal benchmarks for assets under management. In August 2008, Inc Magazine ranked Texas Energy Holdings in the top ten percent of fastest-growing companies in the nation, and ranked it eighth of the top oil and gas companies in the country.

Mr. Willis has been featured in numerous publications including Oil & Gas Magazine and Dallas CEO Magazine.  He is a frequent lecturer at financial industry events and is a member of many industry organizations including the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, the Dallas Petroleum Club and the Tenant-In-Common Association.  He is actively involved in local and national philanthropic and nonprofit organizations including Dallas-based Alley’s House, the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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