Key Value Drivers

We believe in Minimizing Risk.

 We are committed to building a diversified, performance-driven energy portfolio that provides opportunities for additional development. Our efforts are driven by diligent acquisition review, active operational management, and risk diversification strategies designed to mitigate performance risks.

We believe there is Strength in Numbers.

Our Working Interest asset portfolio features fractional ownership in existing wells in proven-producing fields as well as controlling ownership in oil and gas plays with untapped reserves.  This balanced blend of assets in various phases of production life works to promote current and future performance potential.

We believe in Active, Ongoing Management and Development.

Unlike many of our competitors that are content with simply packaging a property for sale, we take an active role in ongoing operational management and development.  We apply our keen and savvy industry knowledge to maximize production and development opportunities.  We take pride in our reputation for honesty and integrity.

We believe in Vertical Integration.

There’s more to the energy business than just selling what can be produced. By challenging our thinking about how we can deliver value, we’ve taken steps to vertically integrate our services to positively impact our overall bottom line. These endeavors support our ability to develop a mid-size oil and gas portfolio while helping to answer our nation’s need for greater investment in the domestic energy production industry.

We believe in Pursuing Exit Strategies.

By further developing many of our oil and gas fields, we are able to successfully increase in production which allows us the flexibility to negotiate and pursue potential divestment opportunities.

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