Unlike many of our competitors that are content to simply package a property for sale, we take an active role in ongoing property management and development—using our industry knowledge and passion to maximize production performance. Texas Energy Holding has also established three subsidiary companies that work together to control costs and maximize production throughout our properties.

Since our inception, Texas Energy Holdings has more than doubled our oil and gas portfolio each year.  We’ve participated in or managed the drilling of wells Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Illinois, and Indiana.

Our scope of operations includes:

Producing Properties
We focus on acquiring properties that offer immediate cash flow potential from existing wells. Then, we seek to enhance the value of these properties by applying proven, cost-conscious geological and mechanical rework and recompletion strategies. Strategies include simple mechanical upgrades and maintenance, secondary recovery, and tertiary recovery methods; and accessing behind-the-pipe reserves from existing wellbores.

Developmental Drilling
Our developmental drilling projects are concentrated solely in fields that have proven, documented histories of oil and gas production. The majority  of our prospects directly offset known producing wells. These targeted activities are designed to open up new areas of opportunity and often work to counter natural production declines in existing properties under management.

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