Subsidiary & Auxiliary Companies

While we team with other Operating entities on many of our developmental drilling and rework projects, we have expanded our operations into mid-stream areas that employ substantial amounts of investment capital. These strategic commitments are designed to help lower some of our operational costs, resulting in additional cash flow potential to our investment partners.

Texas Energy Operations, LC
Texas Energy Operations is the licensed operator of over 1,000 active and inactive wells throughout Texas.

Texas Energy Operating Services, LC
With five drilling rigs and four work-over rigs, Texas Energy Operating Services supports Texas Energy Operations’ North Texas field development activity. The company is also available for hire to outside Operators, taking advantage of the highly competitive demand for drilling and work-over services.

Texas Energy Operating Supplies, LC
Texas Energy Operating Supplies features a 10-acre lot with 6,000 square feet of warehouse space in Wichita County, Texas. This location will support the supply operations of Texas Energy Holdings’ subsidiary companies including equipment storage and refurbishing.

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